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Sierra Stilinski // Female // Human

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Sierra Stilinski // Female // Human

Post by Samara Adeline Hale on Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:44 pm

Name :
Sierra Elaine Stilinski

Gender :

Age :

Appearance (a brief description of your character, only optional if you choose to add a picture and/or gif above)
Brown hair, light freckles, bright green eyes

Height :

Likes :
Rock and country music, painting, sketching, running, brain-teasers.

Dislikes :
Most jocks and populars, being alone, the thought of death, pop music, players, loud noise.

Strengths :
Her intelligence and fast-thinking.

Weaknesses :
Her big mouth, which tends to get her in trouble

Social Group(s) : Ex. Popular, athlete, etc.


Mother :
Adoptive: Claudia Stilinski
Genetic: Laurel Lakes

Father :
Adoptive: John Stilinski
Genetic: Stephen Lakes

Sibling(s) :
Stiles Stilinski

Significant Other :

Associated Characters :
Stiles Stilinski
John Stilinski
Scott McCall

::Other:: [The following is optional]

Character History (the history/backstory of your character)
She is an adopted child, who's family was murdered by her father. Her father later commited suicide before the authorities found the family.

Pack : Scott McCall's
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