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RolePlay Rules

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RolePlay Rules

Post by Samara Adeline Hale on Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:29 pm

1.) Use complete sentences. When you post, please use correct grammar and stuff like that. Text talk like 'u', or unnecessary abbreviations will not be accepted and you will be asked to either delete your post or correct them immediately.

2.) At least a sentence. No, you don't need to be really descriptive and detailed, all I ask is that you at least include a sentence, even if it's simply continuing speech. Things like 'I don't know, why are you asking me?' will be accepted, as well as 'He/She only shrugs, biting his/her lip.' Anything less than let's say for now.. 3 words, will need added to, even if you're just adding an action. Example 'Why?' can be changed to 'Why?' He/She asks, tilting his/her head in confusion.'

3.) Cussing allowed. Cussing is allowed, just no more than 2 words per post if possible. If you go 1-2 words over, an administrator will leave it alone, but any more than 2 over the limit, will be pointed out by an administrator.

4.) No going over. I think we all know by now some people tend to get sexual with their role-play, but please lets limit that to when shirts are off, you skip to when it's over and they are once again clothed. This is a rule due to the fact that we are unaware what people are comfortable with. I don't care if you get descriptive with it, just don't go over.

5.) Absolutely no self-harm role-playing. You can have your character have history with it, though do not role-play where they harm themselves so no one gets triggered or offended.
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